We offer members more than just another learning and development program. CNEXT equips the C-suite of tomorrow with new skills, perspectives, and connections and gives them a new lens through which to view organizational challenges.

ROI for organizations

Forward-thinking enterprises that partner with CNEXT reap measurable benefits — both today and tomorrow.

  • Leaders are equipped with new skills, capabilities, and an effective network of high-performing executives with whom to collaborate on impactful business solutions.
  • These leaders are also armed with new perspectives and, by virtue of exposure to diverse experiences, are capable of seeing around corners and anticipating mission-critical business challenges.
  • CNEXT helps leaders refine their skill sets far more effectively than internal learning and development programs or third-party seminars — in a very time- and cost-effective way.

ROI for members

CNEXT members represent the vanguard, the best and brightest U.S. enterprises have to offer. Much of the value they receive comes from our proprietary development methodology, but they also benefit from the organic connections they make along the way.

  • The CNEXT model builds an immediate network of high-performing peers for members to collaborate with and grow alongside without a significant time commitment.
  • Members have the opportunity to learn directly from C-suite members and board members who have been there. They've solved the biggest business challenges — and they're here to share what they learned along the way.
  • Members are better positioned to accelerate their performance and resulting career growth.

ROI for The CEO Network

Former CEOs and board members from global public companies who join us to share their learning and experiences benefit from the collective wisdom of a global business community. They also gain the satisfaction that comes from imparting their knowledge to the next generation of leaders.

  • CEO Network members are able to give back, stay relevant and contribute to the C-suites and boardrooms of the future.
  • CEO Network members also benefit from joining an exclusive global group of leaders whom they can consult on matters ranging from business strategy to building organizational cultures - and even find new opportunities for themselves.


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